Request a Concert

Swan Songs fulfills musical wishes at the end of life

by organizing private concerts for individuals with a terminal illness. At their request, a favorite style of music or musician is brought directly to the home or facility. The concert allows recipient, family and friends to focus beyond the illness and come together through the medium of music.  There is no cost to the family for this service.

We perform Swan Songs concerts in hospitals, residential hospice facilities, private homes, nursing homes, and assisted living centers. Swan Songs respects and complies with all confidentiality policies and concerns. Each musician and Swan Songs volunteer signs a Confidentiality Document and will sign your internal form if desired. request_002_1024If appropriate, we encourage the family to use the concert as an opportunity to gather together and share the experience with the recipient.

About the Music

Requests are usually for a style of music, a particular instrument or a specific artist. Sometimes, there is no preference and we work to find music that will be most enjoyed. Central Texas is overflowing with many eclectic and accomplished musicians, enabling us to provide a wide range of music. Past concerts have included 40’s swing, folk, old timey country, contemporary country, bluegrass, Christmas songs, classical bassoon, classical piano, harp, Texas blues/rock, Irish songs, bagpipes, choral, Big Band, Spanish songs, classical guitar, French, and gospel. Swan Songs and all musicians who perform are passionate about providing a special concert for each individual.  


(Ex: social worker, hospice nurse, hospice chaplain, activity director, volunteer coordinator)

Swan Songs is excited to announce the launch of our new online portal for requesting a concert, designed to make the process easier and improve your experience with us.  If you have any problems please email or call the Swan Songs office at 512-416-7926 to request a concert. Thank you for your patience and support.