Thank you for your interest in Swan Songs. Our musicians are the heart and soul of our mission.

Swan Songs fulfills musical wishes at the end of life by organizing private concerts for individuals with a terminal illness. At their request, a favorite style of music or musician is brought directly to the home or facility. The private concert allows recipient, family and friends to focus beyond the illness and come together through the medium of music.

About the Concerts

We perform Swan Songs concerts in hospitals, residential hospice facilities, private homes, nursing homes, and assisted living centers. Concerts are usually acoustic, often solo or duo, with up to four musicians maximum. Swan Songs concerts are typically 30-40 minutes.  We ask our musicians to adhere to this time frame as recipients may become quite tired. Your Swan Songs Volunteer Concert Liaison will help you with the timing. Remember that these are intimate, up-close concerts in an environment that may be emotionally charged and require of you great sensitivity and flexibility. Musicians are always free to ask any questions about the nature of the performance or discuss with us any personal feelings or concerns following a concert. We appreciate artistry, and it is our desire that this experience be as uplifting and inspiring for the performer as it is for the patient.

musicians_003_1024Concerts are coordinated through our Concerts Management team, and we stay in contact with the musician(s) throughout the scheduling process. Once the concert is scheduled you will work with a Swan Songs volunteer Concert Liaison who will meet you at the facility/residence on the day of the performance to assist with logistics and to interact with those involved from the facility or family. Our volunteer Liaisons are well trained and are there to support you throughout the concert.

There is no cost to the family for this service; however, Swan Songs does offer an honorarium to the artist.  When a concert is outside the Greater Austin Area, auto mileage reimbursement may be provided. Musicians certainly have the option of donating the honorarium back to Swan Songs as a tax deduction should they choose to do so. 

To be considered for inclusion on the Swan Songs roster of musicians, please complete and submit the application below.

Please take a moment to review our musician guidelines and confidentiality agreement before submitting your application. 

Swan Songs Musician Application

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